Simple Home Decor

Home Decor

Here is an apartment filled with charm …  Nicely decorated, it breathes the freshness of Nordic interiors.

Bright, its main space invites to exchange around the counter of the kitchen, the dining room with its renovated table or coiled in its cozy sofa.The atmosphere is warm and welcoming with a choice of hues revolving around mint green , pale blue and gray. The whole is enhanced by touches of black in the small decorative elements, on the tiling. The black is also found in the furniture of the kitchen or in that of the bedroom bringing an intimate spirit to the place. The decoration is a mix of Ikea wide distribution products and flagship objects that can be found in Many interiors currently. Many elements are a reference to the industrial influences as through the luminaires for example. Also note the presence of stools tolix color mint, the refrigerator Smeg, and posters known ..

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