Carpet Models to Decorate Houses in 2019

As you know, carpet trends are changing every year. In some years, hand-woven classical motifs have come to the forefront, while recently they have been replaced by carpets and rugs, which are more colorful and graphic printed and even decorated with three-dimensional images. This year, we would like to prepare a letter that will guide the carpet preferences for those who would like to build their own home or build a new home. Let’s see what the 2019 carpet trends as decoration enthusiasts waiting for us?

 1. Carpets adorning the entrance

The tone of a house is determined by the carpets at the entrance. Therefore, it is important to use carpets at home entrances. Shades of gray will be dominated in 2019 fashion. For this reason, you can use carpets in gray, beige and cream tones without fear. This will also make your home look more spacious and bright. Previously, everyone was afraid of using these colors in terms of cleanliness, but nowadays in 2019, you should not carry such hesitations as there are high quality carpets made of fast-peeling yarns.

2.Creative houses with large carpets

2019 year will lead us to use larger size carpets. Instead of small, simple rugs, light-colored and natural-patterned carpets will house the whole house. Previously, the beauty of the parquet, laminates or stone pavements had to be prominent. But now, if you prefer the size of the room according to the size of the room but large enough to cover the room, you will also catch the 2019 trend. Especially if you prefer hand-woven carpets, we may have made an investment that can last from generation to generation.

3.More comfort with short pile carpets

Again next year, we’ll be trending short pile / thread carpets. Choosing this popular trend will reduce fears about the big carpets we have mentioned in the previous article. Not having too long yarns will provide ease of cleaning and will not restrict the freedom of movement of your movable furniture and doors. You can enter the new year with both hygienic and warm preferences.


Wool and silk have always had a special and prestigious place in every field since ancient times. But apart from these materials, there is another alternative to jute! Jute is a fiber that is often overlooked, but there are so many stylish looks you can get from it. Even with a flat carpet, you can add a nice texture to your home. Also for people with allergies, jute preference is quite good. “

5.Color, color more color!

Blue, green, baby and burgundy will continue to appear in carpet designs in 2019. Of course, multi-colored styles are also a preference option. Carpets made with 14 – 15 different colors can be used in their designs. However, for the 2019 fashions, it is useful to narrow the color tone catalog a little. Instead of eye-changing transitions, you can keep your soul alive by choosing more pastel transitional, elegant patterned carpets.

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