4 Decoration Suggestions With Old Items In The House

In every house we see unnecessary objects of various sizes. However, when we see these things, the first thing that should come to mind is not throwing away. Because nowadays we have an activity of nature friend:: Recycling etim Isn’t that a beautiful word? We do not use and have been using for years and old-fashioned items to transform into another item and re-integrate our home. Especially the most indispensable hobby of antique lovers can say.

Enlighten your media: Colorful Strainers

Imagine the filters you have used in your kitchen for years, now has become an ornament on your walls. For example: You can use these tiny kitchen equipment such as metal or porcelain to color your walls. Just put a tiny light bulb inside. In this way, while reading the book at night, you’ll have a more dimly lit ambience.

Multicolored Pots from Teapot

Did you ever think that your teapot that allows you to make delicious teas for years can now become a beautiful flowerpot? Don’t be surprised! With these creative ideas, new breakthroughs can emerge on many issues. That’s one of those ideas.

If you have a small garden or balcony, you can easily implement this decoration idea. You can leave the teapots in their own color or you can add colorful flowers to them by painting a different color.

Wall Trim with Silver Trays from Grandmother

Are those antique silver trays left out of the old fashioned somewhere? Yes, yes! So what should we do? We’re not going to rack the tray right now. So let’s use these kitchen utensils as the same on our walls.

In recent years, these wall ornaments, which are frequently used in avant-garde house styles, are sold at very expensive prices. However, if you use your mind and apply such an idea, you will make a great profit. The magnificent ambience of your home will be a highlight!

Kitchen Lighting from Gratings

In the past, you know that we would have a tower like the houses. Now they stayed a little in the background. Because the decorating fashions are more and more practical day by day, more practical, elegant and elegant grated. So what did we do with our old graters? If you’re still standing in a corner of your kitchen, just bring it out. Because we have a nice surprise for you.

We’il turn those graters into a kitchen chandelier. For example: By making a wooden ceiling, you can pass iron pieces over it, so you can turn the environment into a lighter with your graters. But keep in mind that you cannot enlighten the whole kitchen. It will be more pleasant and attractive to use only in a certain part.

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